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Andy Jackson Juanita Jackson
In 1979 a San Bernardino pilot, Andy Jackson and his wife Juanita, purchased some land to start a hang gliding airpark in the north end of San Bernardino, CA. The LZ was known as Pine Crest Air Park. Although Andy died of cancer in 1985 leaving his wife to continue the dream, the state of California needing the land for water resource development relocated the airpark from its original Pine Ave location to the current location.

Getting the state of California to relocate instead of remove the LZ was initially an uphill battle. But with the help of many pilots, what started as negotiations in 1989 eventually led to the actual construction of the new LZ in 1993, with the GRAND OPENING in July of 1994. At right are some construction photos. Click to ENLARGE them. Note the grade stake inscribed with "Hang Glider Site". How often do we get to see this? The California DWR is the BEST !!!
16 earth haulers running 13 days at about 4 trips an hourday 3, the LZ is now about 8' high at the south end
Life is good!

Our Current LZ
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This incredible flying area boasts road access launches at 20' agl and 60', 800' 1600', 2100', 2300, and 3500'. It has 330 sunny days a year and between 250 and 300 soarable days a year. The landing area to all launches is the Andy Jackson Airpark, a secured landing area, designed from the ground up at a cost of $500,000 with 200,000 yards of landfill groomed specifically as an elevated slightly upslope area to reduce wind gradients and increase landing ease. The grooming also includes landings in all directions with a 600' length into the prevailing wind plus contoured aerodynamic edges to further reduce turbulence on the field.
Photo by Vinny Casolaro, BEFORE  GRASS
It is leased by the C.S.S. from the State of California which reduces pilot fees (only $10 a day or $100 a year) and maximizes future security. Best of all for those teaching at the Andy Jackson Airpark there is complete onsite training facilities for beginner through advanced in both hang gliding and paragliding. It is truly a flying wonderland!

Photo by Jerome Daoust, Sept 2002