TransX Video Tutorials

Special thanks to Tex for encoding and uploading the videos to YouTube.

The difficulty of each video is shown by the background color with easiest as green, intermediate in blue and advanced in red.

Each YouTube video is a tutorial that shows you how to complete each goal from a starting scenario. All scenarios are in this zip file. Extract the file(s) desired into your Orbiter Scenarios folder so you may try them for yourself. 

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ISS Intercept

(watch video)
You start in a low Earth orbit perfectly aligned with the ISS. You are below and behind the ISS and will use TransX to set up a single prograde burn to intercept the ISS.

Earth to Moon

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From a low Earth orbit already aligned with the orbit of the moon, TransX is used to set up a single prograde burn that takes us to the moon. It finishes with an orbit insertion burn at the moon using Orbit MFD.

Moon to Earth

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Starting at Brighton beach on the moon, with TransX, plan a trip and fly back to Earth. This includes the entire launch, parking orbit, ejection burn and suggested location of a mid course correction.

Earth to Mars

(part1) (part2) (part3) (part4) (part5) (part6)
This is a series of 6 separate videos that take you from sitting on the Earth at Habana to planning, launching, ejecting, 2 mid course corrections, and finally the orbit insert at Mars. To run them in the proper order play them as follows... Setup, Launch, Eject, MCC1, MCC2, Insert.

Voyager 2 Setup

(watch video)
You are sitting on Earth on the date that the historic Voyager 2 mission launched. TransX is used to set up the eject variable to arrive at Jupiter and the subsequent slings to Saturn Uranus and Neptune are then set up. In order to simplify the setup, the historic encounter dates at the planets are NOT followed.

Earth-Moon Free Return

(watch video)
Starting in low Earth orbit, this video shows the creation and complete flight of a transfer to the moon and free return back to Earth. It moves along fairly fast so it's not really intended for those just starting out with TransX.



(watch video)
This is an option associated with the free return (above). It starts after the trans-lunar injection burn and you are about half way to the moon. From here the video shows how to change from a free return to an arrival at the moon where you are passing over Brighton Beach on your first orbit around the moon.

Advanced Slingshot Planning

(watch video)
Sitting on the Earth on March 26th 2009. We set up a departure for Venus that allows subsequent slings of Venus then Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and finally arrival at Neptune. Only the slings are roughed out, the launch heading is not created. A description of how this sling arrangement was found is available here

Aero Sling

(part1) (part2)
This is a two part video showing an advanced aerosling maneuver around Mars to transfer to Earth.

Moon to Mars

(part1) (part2) (part3) (part4) (part5)
Starting from Brighton Beach on the moon, the flight ejects to drop to a low Pe at the Earth where a small 550 m/s burn sends the ship to Mars. A surrogate ship orbiting Earth is created and used for planning "when" to depart the moon and also to use as a "plane" target for rounding the Earth. Tutorial contains 4 videos and 5 associated scenario files. Run then in order 1 thru 5 which is in their respective file names. There is a 6th scenario file that has the .scn at the end of the 5th video.

Trojan Sling Setup

(watch video)
Using a surrogate ship sitting on Jupiter to find the date of a sling, the sling velocity and sling angles to be able to do one full orbit after the sling to intercept a trojan asteroid. Enphasis is to minimize the final encounter velocity with the asteroid. 2002 DD1 is chosen as the target.