Hangfly is a simple hang glider flight simulator written in the early 1990s by High Adventure's instructor Rob McKenzie. It was revised in 2011 to run on Windows 7. It is a fun training tool for the new hang glider pilot developing thermaling skills. Listen to the vario, watch which wing is being lifted, decide when to turn and where to re-center your circle.

The Elsinore flying site was chosen as the flight scenario because of its unique conditions, with...

A profile of the entire flight is displayed with a trace of the flight path over the entire 20 mile flight task.

The glider is controlled by weight-shifting the pilot with an easy touch of the keyboard. Additional controls are for pause, silent running and a thermal locator.
Your flights are automatically saved into a logbook that shows a screen display of your flight along with all flight data and ratings earned!

Download: for Windows 7
thermals, ridge lift, a shear line, a lake to cross, and Class C airspace to avoid. The screen display shows a large top view of the wing in flight.

A rear view in 3-D allows you to keep a constant view of the wing for general flight control.

Note: Hangfly was originally written in DOS in the early 1990s.
In 2011, it was recompiled by Ron Praver to run on Windows 7.
Thanks Ron!